Hi Jen

I spoke to you via phone a couple of weeks ago in reference to your experience at infunsio.  Ive been reading your blog and just found it a wealth of information.  Its great to get some actually results and updates on patients who have completed the treatment at infusio.

Mckenzie, my 14 year old daughter, just tested positive on the igenex lyme test.  Were just concerned on any long time side  effects of the stem cell treatment… as she is so young.

Really intrested in trying to get a update on Richard (the 16 year old) or contact information.  I’m just hoping and praying he’s in remission.

Really beieve God lead us to infusio just got to take the leap of faith and trust its the right move.

so glad to hear your doing so well. Thanks so much for this great blog!

blessing Amanda Kurnava



hi, my name is McKenzie. I’m 14 years old and have been diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Everything started around 5th grade, I was a healthy kid and I was never really sick. All of a sudden my tonsils swelled up, so large to the point I could barely breathe. I was put on steroid after steroid for about 3 months and nothing seemed to work, so that led to getting them removed July 2012. But later that summer my stomach started acting up, then leading on after that everything just kept going bad. My arthritis started to show up, or at least they think I have that, now everything hurts. I have gone from doctor to doctor with no results. At one point doctors started to think that everything was a mental problem and that I was just making it up just because we had been through so much and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.I was at my 1920243821401 doctor appointment and the results turned out to be negative and I started to cry.That was my breaking point. Ever since then doctors have been a frustrating roller coaster. Currently im at a holistic doctor that my mom goes to and she suspects that I maybe have a thyroid issue. I have been in pain everyday for 4 years and if your reading this and you are going though the same thing, it sucks. I’m starting this blog to help people know that they are not alone. hope this helps:) – kenzie